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Kaleb Klein



Kaleb Klein: Born November 4, 1992 3:42PM. From age one, I had been playing with computers. I used my dad's computer and learned the DOS language for implementing commands to run the games I had. Commands like: C:\>cd "WINDOWS/My Documents/DOS/Games/" C:\>3DBody.exe.

Through the years, I have learned many things about computers and how to play guitar. Now, I work with computers regularly creating programs and tutorial videos on programming which can be seen on my website.



In my future, I hope to become a professional program designer and developer. I make my own programs and have even attempted to create an Operating System similar to Windows 1.0. I have looked into a few collegest like Full Sail University and the Atlanta Art Institute. I also wish to persue a music career playing guitar. I have 3 years experience with guitar and can do things like trills, tapping, and sweep picking (kinda).


Family Members

  1. Name: Keith Klein Age: 46
  2. Name: Sharon Payne Age: 39
  3. Name: Kaleb Klein Age: 17
  4. Name: Grady Klein Age: 15
  5. Name: Collin Klein Age: 12
  6. Name: Ethan Klein Age: 11





If you have any questions or just want to contact me, e-mail me at

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