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My Thoughts on Disney Killing LucasArts

Posted By: Kaleb Klein | On: 2013-05-06 (2049 days ago.)

If you really think about it, Disney shutting down LucasArts isn't that bad. You have to take a few things into account. For one, LucasArts hasn't released a GOOD Star Wars game in quite some time (Old Republic was a huge letdown btw). Sure there were good games they were working on, but we've all known for a long time 1313 and the rest would have completely died under LucasArts. Disney closed LucasArts and Star Wars games can now be "licensed" instead of in-house development. This is a new opportunity for developers to grasp onto the Star Wars title. I want to see how all of this plays out, and if 1313 can be healed and released under the new "licensing" terms, then maybe, just maybe 1313 will bring balance to the Force! It's just a thought. I'd love to know what the rest of you think.

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