In an effort to further pursue web development, I'm taking the role of a freelance web developer. In doing so, I'll be making a web site with all my work and work I do for others. In order to have my own web site to do this, I've decided to open up a "Donation Service" through PayPal. Any donation is acceptable from $1 to $1000. There is no limit and even the smallest of donations can go a long way.

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My Services

My services include:

  • Graphic design « Submit a drawing to me before I make it, I am no artist.
  • Web programming and design
  • Web Applications using the following languages:
    • jQuery / jQuery UI
    • HTML
    • PHP
    • ASP
    • Ruby on Rails

Graphic design is priced on how challenging it is for me to create, and standard for web development is also weighted on how challenging the case is. Standard is $45 per hour in web development and an hour's work is required apon purchace. For a simple website including some graphics and HTML is $45 per hour with a minimum one hour and for more dynamic sites with JSP, PHP, ASP, etc is $60 per hour with an hour minumim.

Prices may vary depending but a price will be set when the contract is created and there will be NO PRICE CHANGES on either the client (you) or me once the contract is signed.